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Monday, 17 June 2013 07:01

Al-Sisi Affirms Support to Armed and Regular Forces on Face of Tribal Conflicts

Sudan vision - Khartoum - Chairman of the Darfur Regional Authority (DRA),  Dr. Al-Tijani Al-Sisi, asserted the necessity for the support of the Armed Forces and the other Regular Forces to face and settle the tribal conflicts, and the work for the collection of weapons .
He said that the security challenges are a priority at this stage, especially towards the rebel movements and the non-signatory movements to the Doha Peace Agreement, and the armed robbery groups.
In his address to Radio Omdurman "Radio Conference programme", Dr. Al-Sisi described the tribal conflicts in Darfur as morally and religiously unacceptable under the agreed upon peace agreement, he said on the security arrangements that two camps were prepared in South and North Darfur for the implementation of the security arrangements during the next two weeks.
He called on the rebel movements to stop targeting the development projects of the citizens, an issue which creates a difficult situation for them, he added that the coming days will witness a broad movement to complete the administrative and technical arrangements stipulated in the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur to meet the obligations of donors of the conference, recently held in Doha which has formed political support for the peace process.
Dr. Al-Sisi added that at the end of the conference, a number of states including China, France, South Korea, have pledged to provide projects and development programmes, noting that the priorities of the Regional Authority is to focus on the implementation of projects of voluntary return and resettlement of displaced people in 65 areas, repairing the social fabric and the enhancement of security and sustainable peace in the region.
He reviewed results of the meeting of the donor conference, which is the preparing for the meeting of the Board of Directors' Meeting that supervises the realization of the donor commitments on reality, pointing out that development projects are studied for the reconstruction of Darfur to be submitted to the Omdurman National Bank to start its implementation.
Dr. Al-Sisi said that what interrupts the relations with the State of the South is its support to rebel movements, particularly the rebels movements in Darfur to destabilize security and stability in the country, calling in the same time on the South Sudan's government to stop such actions, urging the rebels movements to join the peace process to maintain the state's sovereignty and to contribute in its development.
He asserted that the Doha Peace Agreement is proceeding successfully in cooperation with the state of Qatar and the government reiterating commitment of the Darfur Authority and the government to implement the Doha document, referring to Qatar’s commitment to pay its obligation and to start the implementation of the development projects.
On  the targeting of the armed movements to the development project, Al-Sisi said  that these movements have raised the marginalization motto, he quoted" we agreed with them in Washington in 2011 not to target the development project but they violated that agreement which is considered  an assault against the Darfur people.”
Al-Sisi said that the international community is losing patience with rebel forces particularly after the repeated aggressions on the citizens; villages and the development projects.
Meanwhile, he indicated the completion of preparations for launching the CECAFA tournament in Al-Fashir and Kadugli to consolidate relationships between the nations and states.