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Thursday, 09 August 2018 08:49

Preparatory Meeting on Security Begins in Khartoum

 Khartouam, Aug.8(SUNA)-Sessions of the Third Ministerial  Meeting  on boosting  cooperation  in security monitoring  joint borders  between Sudan, Libya , Niger  and Chad launched in Corinthia  hotel in Khartoum Wednesday where the Sudanese side chaired by Head  of Military Intelligence, Gen. Jamal Omer.
 Minister  of State for Foreign Affairs. Ambassador of Abdalla Idris  attended the inaugural sitting  of the  preparatory meeting at level of experts.
 The Minister of State  affirmed  important roles  played  by  the committee to boost cooperation between the four countries , stressing that ties of blood , history , geography and social inter-relations between   such countries would be an incentive for further  cooperation among the four countries.
Head of the Sudanese side, Gen. Omer said the Committee of Experts will look into joint judicial agreement, mechanism for  coordinating and following up  joint work, exchange of information  and setting up a joint operations center.
 He added  the overall objective of such work  to establish  security partnership , boost confidence  between the four countries , secure the joint borders , combat terrorism  and passive movements, drugs, trans-border  crimes  in addition to development  of bordering areas.