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Wednesday, 29 August 2018 07:04

Darfur: End of the War and Transfer from Humanitarian Aid to Development

Khartoum- The Government of West Darfur State has announced the end of the war in Darfur and the transfer from the humanitarian aid to the developmental aid, affirming the stability of the security and humanitarian situations thanks to the efforts being exerted by the regular forces and the initiatives of the official and social organs in the state, the national campaign for weapons collection and implementation of the outcome of the National Dialogue.
The Governor of West Darfur State, Hussein Yassin Hamad, said his state witnesses great voluntary return of IDPs and refugees due to the stability of the security situation, which ended the causes of displacement.
The Governor of West Darfur State said when he chaired a joint meeting between the security committee of the state and a visiting delegation of the Embassy of the United States of America in the country Darfur witness great stability in the security situation following the flows of voluntary return.
The meeting tackled a number of issues in light of the objectives of the visit, which the head of the US embassy delegation said include getting acquainted with the humanitarian and security situations, arrangements concerning the voluntary return besides the efforts exerted by the authorities for combating unexploded munitions and remnants of the war as in eastern Sudan, adding the visit comes in the context of the American concerns with development of the bilateral relations.
Minister of Social Affairs of the state Mohamed Ibrahim Sharaf-Eddin, on his part, said the great stability in the security situation encouraged the IDPs and refugees to return to their original villages, noting that some 215 villages returned this year.
Commander of the 15th Infantry Division of the Armed Forces Maj. Gen. Mohalab Hassan Ahmed, on his part, explained the efforts being exerted by the regular forces in maintaining security and stability and protection of the citizens at the voluntary return areas.
Director of Police Forces of the State Maj. Gen. Tariq Atta Ali, on his part, said criminal information rates dropped in the state thanks to the weapons collection campaign and the efforts being exerted by the official and popular organs.
Director of National Intelligence and Security Service in the state Brig. Mutaz Altayeb, on his part, affirmed that the state is free of rebel movements, indicating that the campaign for weapons collection contributed to the stability of the economic, social and political situations in the state.