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Sunday, 02 September 2018 07:27

Hafter promise Darfur rebels by the more logistic support

SMC- The leaders of the Libyan tribe called for the withdraw of the Darfur rebel movements from the areas of the umelaranab in the southern Libyan, at the same time that the leaders of the rebel movements Khalifa Hafter requested to attract more troops to control the entire Libyan territory in exchange for increased logistic support Raveled to (SMC) one of the members of the tribe of Tabu Ahmad al-Mukhtar said, the looting and killing carried out by the elements of the movements towards the citizens of the region, explaining that these operations are coordinated between the forces of Hefter and the supervision of Yusuf Kergkola leader of rebel movements.Revealing that the leaders of the movements received promises from Khalifa Haftar with more logistical support if the whole Libyan territory was taken over.