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Sunday, 02 September 2018 07:28

Sudan's Ambassador to China: Al-Bashir to meet his Chinese Counterpart

Beijing, Sept. 1 (SUNA) - Sudan's Ambassador to China Ahmed Shawr has said that the President of the Republic is to hold a bilateral meeting during his participation in the African-China Cooperation Forum with the President of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping as well as the holding of a formal session of talks through a lengthy meeting with the Head of the Chinese State Council Li Keqiang in a meeting that was not available to many African countries, which signifies the importance of Sudan. "This meeting will bring about a breakthrough in the strategic relations between the two countries," Shawr said in an interview with SUNA. Shawr said that President al-Bashir would hold bilateral meetings with a number of African leaderships and managers of Chinese companies and witness the signing of a number of agreements. The Sudan ambassador to China said that the Foreign Minister would meet with a number of his African counterparts to discuss various issues of mutual concern. He pointed out that the Sudanese embassy in Beijing played a great role in the previous period in coordination with the Secretariat of the CONCAC, in addition to the Chinese Foreign Ministry to arrange all major events, the meetings of the senior Officials, ministerial meeting, the summit and the accompanying activities.