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Tuesday, 18 September 2018 10:22

Ministers and Experts Set Proposals on Livelihood and Economical Reform

Khartoum – Umma Party leaders and Miniser of Higher Education, Dr. Al-Sadiq Al-Hadi affirmed that the national dialogue has resulted to positive changes in Sudan, adding that its outcomes were agreed on by most of the political forces and armed groups, adding in a TV talk show programme that he is optimistic that the upcoming national accord government will endeavour to resolve all the problems despite its short period.
For his part, Liberation and Justice Party leader and Minister of Labour and Administrative Reform, Bahar Idris Abu Garda considered that  downsizing of the government is an important start, adding that the new cabinet includes qualified ministers who can make the difference,  expressing hope that the new government can resolve the crises and overcome the challenges.
NCP political sector member, Dr. Ali Nimir said that the national dialogue resulted to political, economical, security and social stability, adding that the downsizing of the cabinet will contribute in considerable reduction in the government expenditure.
Economical expert, Dr. Abdul Rahim Hamdi proposed increasing the salaries, and utilizing the harvest season to the maximum besides avoiding monopoly along with setting clear programmes and visions.
He added that the merger of ministries requires great efforts and longer time, affirming that its feasibility will appear in the second half of 2019.