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Thursday, 20 September 2018 10:08

Al Jaz: Beijing Summit Prelude to International Partnership between China and Africa

Khartoum- (Ashorooq Net) The Deputy Chairman of the Higher Committee on the Relations with BRICS Countries, Dr. Awad Al-Jaz, has affirmed that the Beijing Summit of Forum on Chinese African Cooperation is a prelude for establishment of international partnership between China and the African Countries.
Dr. Al-Jaz explained that the partnership is not confined to governmental institutions but it is also available to the private sector and all Africans away from any sort of dictations.
Dr. Al-Jaz was addressing a symposium on the outcome of the Beijing Summit of Forum on Chinese African Cooperation and the Sudanese-Chinese relations which was held at Al Salam Rotana Hotel in Khartoum Tuesday.
Dr. Al-Jaz lauded the progress being witnessed by Sudanese-Chinese relations in all fields, calling for enhancing bilateral cooperation in a manner that realizes the common benefits.
The Chinese Ambassador, on his part, affirmed readiness of his country to boost joint cooperation in the fields of infrastructures that enhance the economic development in Sudan.