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Sunday, 23 September 2018 11:32

AU Delegation Discusses with US Congress Impact of U.S. Sanctions on Sudan

Khartoum – A delegation from the Pan-African Parliament (PAP) is preparing to visit the US Congress on Sudan’s dossier besides another visit to the European Parliament early October.
AU office revealed meeting held in South Africa and will continue till the end of September to discuss – among other issues – the preparation of the Pan-African Parliament delegation to the US Congress on Sudan dossier.
For his part, Pan-African Parliament Deputy Speaker, Jamal Buras said in a statement that his country (Algeria) will follow the preparations of holding the regular session of the Pan-African Parliament which will take place next month in Rwanda.
It is worth noting that Pan-African delegation visited Darfur last year during which it was decided to form a committee to discuss with the US Congress the impact of American sanction on Sudan.