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Monday, 24 September 2018 08:55

Eastern Sudan States Declare Readiness for 2020 Elections

Gedarif - Eastern Sudan states declared readiness for 2020 elections. This came in the organizing forum of the Eastern Sudan which was organized by women secretariat at the National Congress Party (NCP) .The forum was held in Gedarif state and discussed reports of performance of women at the NCP the three states of Kassala, Red Sea and Gedarif. It is held in the period from 21st-22nd September 2018 at the NCP headquarter in Gedarif.
More than 500 figures of top officials in the East, women leaders at the NCP and the other political parties are participated in the opening session on Friday 20thSeptember.
Engineer Merghani Saleh Sayed Ahmed, Governor of the state, head of the NCP in Gedarif addressed the opening session appreciated women role in the political process noted to their role in the last elections in 2015 and the expected   effective role in the coming era and the 2020 elections.
Merghani described women as essential and productive  category that support  the governmental bodies and the society in general .He assured that Sudan is capable to overcome its economic difficulties pointed to the joint efforts of all sectors. He expressed his state readiness to participate effectively in solving these issues. He expressed the readiness of his party to support the President al Bashir in the coming elections in 2020. He called on the Eastern states to play their role in the political process and supporting the President al Bashir in 2020.
Meanwhile, Gamar Khalifa Habani, women secretary at the NCP explained women vision at the coming era and their major role in 2020 elections. She declared women support to the President Omer Hassan Ahmed al Bashir in 2020 elections.  She described the holding of the organizing forum of Easter Sudan in Gedarif as a model pointed to the aware participation of women in the 32 localities of the three states in the two-day forum. She called on women to concentrate on the social work and to help in combating the negative phenomena among the youth. She appreciated the participation of women in the other political parties in forum.