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Monday, 01 October 2018 11:07

US$200 Million from International Donors for Water and Sanitation Project in Port Sudan

Khartoum- The Governor of Red Sea State, Al-Hadi Mohamed Ali, has lauded the efforts of international donors, citing the challenges facing the state in provision of water, including the high cost of desalination of sea water and quantities of water at the resources, including Arbat Dam for rain water.
The governor was speaking in a joint meeting between the government of the state and representatives of international donors of the World Bank, UK Agency for International Development and the African Development Bank.
He called on the donors to undertake a strategic work that would increase the resources of water and its storing capacities in the state.
The representatives of the international donors explained that the meeting came in the context of implementation of the strategic program on water and sanitation in Port Sudan town after studies and plans for the project have been completed at the cost of 200 million dollars.
Implementation of the project would start after its signing, which is scheduled for end of next month in Port Sudan.