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Monday, 01 October 2018 11:08

Women Support the Ongoing Peace Process in Darfur

Khartoum - As part of its series of organizing forums adopted in the different states of Sudan, Women secretariat at the National Congress Party NCP held the organizing forum for South and East Darfur states in the period from 29th -30th September 2018 in Nyala- South Darfur under the theme communication, development and effect, with the participation of women leaders at the NCP and the top officials in the two states.  
Gamar Khalifa Habani, women secretariat at the NCP, addressed the opening session assured women capable to support the adoption of peace process, leading the conciliations and enhancing peace coexistence in Darfur states with its all different components.
Habani appreciated women great efforts exerted to support the 2020 elections and the candidate of president al Bashir for the coming elections. She expressed her great pleasure to the well organizing of the forum, pointed to the commitment with the requirements of the preparations for the coming era and the 2020 elections .He assured the readiness of women to play a major role in these elections.
She added that agriculture will be the best solutions to the economic difficulties and to improve the economic situations and the lives of people.
She called for exerting joint efforts to the support the government, expressing the readiness of women to support the ongoing peace process adopting all states of Darfur.
Habani conveyed her congratulation to Sudan with the progress in the human rights issues, which considered a new era where Darfur state will highly participate in supporting this progress greatly and effectively.