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Wednesday, 03 October 2018 08:58

Al Dirdiri Urges International Community to Shoulder its Responsibility towards Refugees

Khartoum - (Agencies) Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Al Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed has called on the international community to expedite extending the necessary support to the refugees in Sudan and shoulder its responsibility for meeting their humanitarian needs, saying that Sudan provides 70% of the humanitarian needs of some three million refugees, while the international community shoulders 30%.
Addressing the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York Monday, the minister explained that this causes great pressures on the communities hosting the refugees under the current economic situations in the country, indicating that the flow of refugees is expected to continue in the future.
Al Dirdiri reiterated the stance of Sudan rejecting the International Criminal Court as it attempts to break the political will of states, saying that the International Criminal Court insults the United Nations organization and drags it into the political conflicts.
The Minister expressed rejection of Sudan to Islamophobia and acts of discriminations against religions and insulting them, saying that they reject linking terrorism with religion.
Al Dirdiri referred to the efforts being exerted by Sudan for combating human trafficking and illegal migration, terrorism and transnational crimes.
He condemned the Israeli aggressions against the Palestinians and Al Quds town, calling for establishment of the Palestinian State and withdrawal of Israel from the territories it occupies.
Meanwhile, the Minister of Foreign Affairs discussed with the UN Undersecretary for Peace-keeping Operations on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly meetings in New York the situations in Darfur in the backdrop of continuation of implementation of the exit strategy of UNAMID mission and entry of Darfur into the stage of transference from peace-keeping to that of stability, peace-building and development.
The meeting also discussed the recommendation by IGAD to add 4,000 troops from Sudan, Uganda, Somalia and Djibouti to the regional protection force in South Sudan to assist in implementation of the peace agreement that was signed by the parties to the conflict there recently.
The meeting, furthermore, discussed the situations in Abyei area in light of the recent recommendations by the UN Secretary General on reformation of UNISFA.
In another development, Al Dirdiri also met the Belarusian Foreign Minister and discussed ways and means of boosting further the bilateral relations through activation of the agreements that were signed during the visit by the Belarusian President to Sudan earlier.
The meeting also discussed arrangement for the anticipated visit by President Omer Al Bashir to Belorussia.