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Wednesday, 03 October 2018 08:58

NISS Supports Kassala State to Eliminate Chikungunya Fever

SMC- The National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) deputy director-general Jalal al-Din al-Sheikh  visited Kassala state in a high level delegation on Sunday to reassure the health conditions there.
During which they check the conditions in a number of centers, including the East Pant center and the Al-Hadi health center in addition to Kassala Teaching Hospital.
Al-Sheikh confirmed the cooperation between NISS and the state government to eliminate the disease of chikungunya fever.
He pointed out that NISS  provided 30 Mosquito spraying machine to combat the disease; besides 30 vehicles for the Land Cruiser  to help the patients.
Sheikh Ali assured the operations of the free medicine distribution to the patients; stressing the solidarity of the people of Sudan with Kassala to overcome the ordeal.