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Thursday, 11 October 2018 10:37

Aror: Media Has Become the Actual Leader of Development of Societies

Khartoum – Information and Communications Minister Bushara Jumaa Aror said it was important to take into account the security and stability of the country and preserve the people's gains and the customs, traditions and values ??of the society.
During his meeting here yesterday with the President of the Sudanese Association for Press Freedom, Adam Gamar Eddeen, the minister pointed out that the media has become the actual leader of the development and transformation of societies, stressing the need to be honest and accurate and not to prejudice the privacy and freedoms of others, referring to the damage caused by rumors and malicious propaganda in the social media, while the head of the organization praised the efforts of the ministry in developing the work of the media.
On the other hand, the Minister of Information and Communications announced that the value of the Sudanese ICT Prize in its second edition will be increased to SDG 3 million, calling on young people to show their determination to reach the goals and the ability to overcome the difficulties and the obstacles, announcing his ministry's willingness to harness the energies and overcome obstacles and create new visions to accommodate young people.