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Sunday, 04 November 2018 11:41

UN Combating Terrorism Delegate Visits SWU

Khartoum-A UN delegate to combat terrorism had visited, the Sudanese Women Union SWU head quarter (Mama Center), as part of their visit to Sudan, yesterday Saturday 3rd November 2018. The delegate discussed with the SWU leaders the SWU efforts in solving the social issues.
  Mariam Jusur, the secretary general of the SWU assured that the Sudanese society is still stick to its security and consolidation, pointed to that terrorism and extremism are not as such serious phenomenon that spread in Sudan. She noted to the effective major role of the SWU in supporting the social forming of the society. She called for more training and capacity building for women.
Jusur , the secretary general of SWU explained women participations through its different secretariats in the public work and social programs including family and child protection from the negative practices and phenomenon . She assured the role of the UN in peace keeping and security through partnerships with the SWU. She disclosed the need of the SWU to establish an integrated center for family consultants to be distributed in all state Sudan.
Meanwhile, Dr. Mohamed Jamal al Din Ahmed, head of the National Authority for combating Terrorism, explained the aims of the UN delegate visit to Sudan to stand on the needs of the concerned Sudanese foundations , in order to provide the required needs that support the efforts of the  government of Sudan to coordinate and cooperate with the international bodies to combat terrorism and the  extremism . In addition to recognize the role of these bodies in combating the phenomenon and to enumerate these training needs to play the required role.
 Dr. Jamal al Din appreciated women effective participation in the visits of the UN delegation to all states of Sudan.