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Monday, 05 November 2018 08:27

Industry Ministry: Indigenization of the Pharmaceutical Industry One of Priorities of the 2019 State Budget

Khartoum - State Ministry of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Dr. Abu Al-Beshr Abdul Rahman affirmed his ministry's support for the pharmaceutical factories in the country, adding the project of indigenization of pharmaceutical industries is one of the top three priority projects in the state budget for 2019.
During his meeting here yesterday with the delegation of Hikma Pharmaceutical Co., the minister said that his ministry's plan is to localize the pharmaceutical industries and overcome all the obstacles to achieving this goal, acknowledging  that the pharmaceutical industry in Sudan faces difficulties and challenges and needs support, stressing that the drug is one of of vital commodities such as bread and that there is a political will to localize the pharmaceutical industries by solving all the obstacles, praising the Jordanian experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing and Hikma Company, describing it as one of the successful companies in pharmaceutical manufacturing.
For his part, Deputy President of Hikma Pharmaceutical Co. of the Eastern Mediterranean Region, Bassil Ziadeh said that the pharmaceutical industries in Sudan need support to be at the level of the aspirations of the country, adding, "there are challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry in Sudan, pointing to the importance of tackling these challenges to enable pharmaceutical industries to play a role in the Sudanese export policy, stressing that the exports of Hikma Pharmaceutical Company represent 7% of the Jordanian state's exports.