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Monday, 05 November 2018 08:28

North Darfur Governor Announces Turning of IDPs Three Camps to Residential Neighborhoods

Khartoum – Governor of North Darfur State, Al-Sharif Mohamed Abbad affirmed his government's interest in adjusting the situation of IDPS through integration, resettlement or voluntary return to their areas of origin.
  Addressing the meeting organized by the state government with the administrative and native leaders of Zamzam, Abu shouk, and Al-Salam  camps, the governor announced the planning of the three camps and turn them into full-service residential neighborhoods after the absence of reasons that led to the establishment of these camps earlier, noting that his government will work to provide the basic services for the new housing schemes and areas of return, especially water, health and education services and provide security and stability, stressing his government's keenness to maintain the agricultural season until all crops are harvested.
Director of the State Security and Intelligence Service, Representative of the Rapid Support Commander, Humanitarian Aid Coordinator and a number of IDPs leaders confirmed their support for the implementation of the urban plan for the three IDPs camps.
For his part, Commissioner of Al-Fashir Locality,  Al-Tijani Abdullah Saleh reviewed the arrangements made by his locality with the other competent authorities in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Urban Planning to adapt the situation of the IDPs, noting the need to pay attention to voluntary return and resettlement, where conditions are fully prepared for return or resettlement and integration in the local communities.