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Monday, 05 November 2018 08:29

QDF Finance the Implementation of 10 Model Villages in Darfur States

SMC- The Qatar Development Fund (QDF) is financing 10 model villages for displaced people in Darfur  States, said the Voluntary Return and Reintegration Commission (VRRC) of Darfur States.
The villages are scheduled to open in the next year. Speaking to SMC, the VRRC Commissioner, Taj Eddin Ibrahim praised the model villages implemented by Qatar Charity Organization in the five Darfur states.
He said QDF is financing 10 model villages in the five Darfur States, two in each of the five states.
He added that the model village costed over $4,000000, which will be provided by the State of Qatar, noting that the model villages are equipped with all the necessary facilities and services to meet all the needs of the of returnees and will be well secured by state governments.