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Thursday, 08 November 2018 09:01

Comprehensive Programme of Social Security for Poor People

Sudan Vision - Khartoum - Commissioner of the Social Security and Poverty Combating Commission, Dr. Fatima Ahmed Fadul confirmed that the most important projects of the commission is the electronic survey project targeting the poor and the establishment of a database to facilitate delivery of service to them.
She stressed that the commission establishment came to complete the efforts of the Ministry of Social Security and Development in reducing poverty, safeguarding human dignity and achieving comprehensive social safety by expanding work and coordinating efforts to reduce poverty to achieve social justice and sustainable development goals, pointing out that the commission aims to address poverty and coordinate efforts of reducing poverty and developing national standards, in addition to achieving justice and ensuring the minimum social protection for needy families and the poorest, adding that the commission aims to urge society to expand social development programs and raise the level of development of communities and involve them in all the different phases of projects of poverty reducing, besides to enhance the meanings and values ??of solidarity and tolerance in the community and encourage the private sector to contribute to poverty reduction and social safety programmes.
She said that the commission is responsible for developing proposals for policies, plans and programs on poverty and raise them to the Supreme Council and organize and coordinate the efforts of official bodies and civil society organizations working on reducing poverty and achieving social security.