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Thursday, 08 November 2018 09:03

Sudan Welcomed Salva Kiir’s mediation on Two Areas talks

SMC- The government of Sudan has welcomed the South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir Mayardit mediation between the government of Sudan and Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North Sector (SPLM-N) to end the armed conflict in the Two Areas .Speaking to SMC, the State Minister at the Ministry of communications and information technology Mamoun Hassan said that the Salva Kiir initiative is not an alternative to the previous negotiating references represented by the African Union and the roadmap, but supporting it.He pointed out that Salva Kiir’s efforts are supportive of previous initiatives and biased on the previous agreements and initiatives.He pointed out that the initiative supports local and regional efforts to reach agreement and comprehensive settlement of the issues of the two areas.He added,  the issues of Sudan and its future has been resolved in the national dialogue forum as its recommendations and National Document have become the pillars for effecting construction and national accord, saying: any tackling of Sudan total issues shall be in accordance the mechanism of 7+7,Mamoun expressed his welcome to all SPLM-N components, which has declared its support for President Salva Kiir’s initiative.