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Wednesday, 28 November 2018 10:45

Defense Minister Reiterates Call on Arms Holders to Join Peace

Zuleikha Abdul Raziq - Khartoum- Defense Minister 1st. Lt. Gen. Awad Ibn Auf has reiterated call on arms holders to join the peace march and respond to the initiatives being made by the state, explaining that the state would not wait forever for the holdouts and rebels and would impose its control on all the Sudanese territories and would secure all agricultural and trade activities and the movements of the citizens in practicing their normal life, affirming readiness to repulse any aggression by the rebels as he reiterated commitment to the cease-fire.
The Minister of Defense was addressing the opening session of the Forum of Strategic Planning of the People’s Defense, which is held at the Peace Studies Center at the Intelligence Institute in Khartoum on November 27-29.
He lauded the considerable contributions of the People’s Defense in securing and protecting the country and its strategic support to the institutions of the state as part of the plan of civil support, which is directed by the President of the Republic.
The minister affirmed concern of the state with People’s Defense to enable it to realize success to all its projects.
It is noteworthy that the forum aims at assessment and evaluation performance of projects of People’s Defense and its strategic plans.