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Wednesday, 28 November 2018 10:46

Sudan Proposes Convening of Conference on African Migrants Issues

Zuleikha Abdul Raziq - Khartoum - State Minister at the Ministry of the Council of Ministers, Um Salama Mohamed Ismail announced Sudan's support for the African Union in its efforts to achieve the positive face of migration and fight illegal migration.
Um Salama has proposed to the African Union (AU) to convene a conference on migration in the coming period to discuss the issues of African migrants, stressing Sudan's readiness to host the conference.
Addressing the second workshop of the African Union's Migration Centers here yesterday, the minister referred to the initiative of the joint Khartoum-European Union and African Union (AU) operation to combat the negative migration, stressing that migration has become an issue for which countries attach great importance to their association with issues related to illegal migration and human trafficking, praising the efforts of the African Union in resolving migration issues, pointing out that Sudan has become a station for immigrants to its geographical location as a transit country and that the state is interested in migration issues through the enactment of legislation that supports migration issues, pointing to the start of the implementation of the expatriate incentive package within the budget of 2019 according to the matrix approved by the state, noting that the Secretariat of Sudanese Working Abroad (SSWA) looks forward to further cooperation with international organizations interested in expatriates, stressing the attention to issues of Sudanese abroad.
For his part, SSWA Secretary-General, Ambassador Essam Mutuali pointed to the state's interest in immigration issues and its enactment of relevant legislations, stressing interest in issues of expatriate communities and emigration and voluntary return of expatriates.
For his part, Director-General of the Department of Migration and Civil Society Organizations of the African Union, Ahmed Al-Bashir Al-Medani explained the great role played by Sudan towards the African continent in general, referring to the efforts of SSWA in relation to migration and Sudanese migrants, pointing to the importance and role of civil society in making a positive transformation, saying that the African Union is concerned about its people around the world, hoping that the recommendations serve the issues of expatriates in African countries.
For his part, representative of the Committee (2 + 6) of the member states, Mohamed Ben Sabri called for the need to achieve results in the interests of expatriates in their countries, noting that the first workshop, which was held in December 2016 in Cairo was able to highlight the efforts and activities of the African Union and work to achieve the interest of African countries and various African communities, adding that the African Union is offering incentives for the benefit of African communities, individuals and expatriate components to contribute to the political and economic frameworks for the benefit of these communities.