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Wednesday, 28 November 2018 10:47

Aror Affirms Government Readiness to Respond Dialogue Call

Sudan Vision  - Khartoum - Sudan government has reiterated its readiness to respond to the call for a dialogue that is leading to peace and national reconciliation and upholding the national cause shared by all the Sudanese people.
The Minister of Information, Communication and Information Technology and government spokesman, Bushara Juma Aror, pointing out that is Sudan reaffirms its full commitment and adherence to the road map signed on the Blue Nile and South Kordofan and the political dialogue with all the signatory parties on the map that was presented by the African High-level Mechanism, by Thabo Mbeki.
He stressed that Khartoum is fully prepared to sit with all the signatory parties of the road map to achieve peace and to unite the national rank.
He said that the elevation of national causes is superior to anything else, therefore the government of Sudan remained calling on all the parties, including the gun-holders to move for peace and to stick to wisdom for the interest of the homeland, adding this orientation of the government was stipulated by the national dialogue.
Aro stressed that The Minister assured that all Sudanese are partners in the national concern; therefore, the government of the Sudan remained continuing efforts to achieving peace through dialogue and abide by its commitments on the roadmap for reaching peace.
He affirmed that the government of the Sudan is ready to meet the call for dialogue at any time and to sit with the parties of the road map as regards the movements within context of the negotiation, and with the other parties in the framework of solution to the political problems in accordance with the commitment to the roadmap and outcome of the national dialogue.
The minister has reiterated the call for all parties to join the National Dialogue Document and the dialogue’s outcome, asserting that the door is open to join and to contribute to the national interest.