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Sunday, 30 December 2018 11:09

Sudan and Egypt Agree on Implementation of Joint Projects

Sudan Vision - Khartoum - The Sudanese and Egyptian sides have agreed to proceed with the signing of draft agreements, memorandums of understanding and programs that their procedures have not yet been completed and putting in force the documents already signed, especially those adopted by the Sudanese - Egyptian Presidential Committee toward achieving maximum benefit for the peoples of the two brotherly countries.
At their meeting Thursday in Khartoum, co-chaired by the Foreign Ministers, Dr. Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed and Samih Shukri, the Sudanese and Egyptian sides welcomed convocation of the meeting of the permanent Nile water committee in Cairo during December 24 – 28, affirming the importance of cooperation and coordination between Sudan and Egypt in the Nile water field in accordance with the signed commitments, including the agreement of 1959.
The Egyptian side affirmed its full support for the security and stability of the brotherly Sudan which is an integral part of the Egyptian security and due to the firm ties between the two countries at all levels
The two sides also discussed regional and international issues of common concern, where their views have coincided in many of them.
The Egyptian side has welcomed Sudan's efforts to bring peace to neighboring countries, including South Sudan State and the Central African Republic.
The two sides also agreed to continue the exchange of coordination and support between them in all the regional and international forums, a coordination that reflects the extent of conformity in the interests of the two countries.
The two parties agreed on the importance of building on what has been agreed upon to enhance security, stability and development in the Red Sea by consolidating visions among the riparian states of this important watercourse and moving forward with proposals to establish structures that combine these countries to safeguard their interests.
The two sides also agreed to hold the third session of the quadripartite meeting between the foreign ministries and the intelligence agencies of the two countries through diplomatic channels.
It is to be recalled that the meeting tackled the progress of the joint projects between the two countries, especially the project of electricity linking and the special studies of the railways project between the two countries and the project of the Egyptian industrial city in the Jaili area for supporting the cooperation in the fields of capacity building and training in all sectors.
The two sides have reviewed the steps that have been taken to support the firm bilateral relations since the first session of the quadripartite meeting and the various positive developments witnessed during that period, as evidenced by the mutual visits between the two countries' officials at all levels.