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Sunday, 30 December 2018 11:10

Kibir: Peaceful Transfer of Power through Elections

Al-Sammani Awadallah - Al-Foula - Khartoum - Vice President of the Republic Osman Mohamed Yousif Kibir has affirmed that peaceful transfer of power takes place via election ballot boxes not via ammunition boxes stressing that our homeland is ample and accommodates all in terms of delivering services to citizens.
He praised while addressing at Al-Foula city the forum of the Cloud of Mercy which was organized by Zakat Chamber at the state the role undertaken by Zakat chamber of giving ownership of productive projects to citizens for individuals and collective projects to the vulnerable citizens calling for broadening Zakat umbrella.
West Kordofan Governor Ahmed Ajab Alfia said the government of the state is a government of charity to the needy stressing that the government is standing behind Zakat chamber
Meanwhile the Secretary General of Zakat Chamber affirmed that the chamber has raised the percentage of productive projects to 30% in the year 2019 for lifting 35 thousand families from poverty by giving them ownership of projects suitable to the nature of each state.