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Wednesday, 02 January 2019 08:23

Al Bashir: Sudan will Remain Stable Country

Al-Sammani Awadallah - Khartoum - President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir addressed the nation yesterday on the 63rd Independence Anniversary from the Republican Palace Park amid remarkable presence of officials, diplomatic corps and national figures in the country.
Al Bashir lauded the sacrifices of the independence fathers, adding that the efforts of building the nation is below the aspirations a matter that requires more efforts and utilizing all the potentials besides enforcing accountability and transparency in all the public institutions.
He affirmed that the country is passing an economical crisis which had its negative impact on the people due to internal and external reasons.
He expressed appreciation to the Sudanese people for their patience, affirming that the government will continue its efforts to overcome the crisis, pointing out that the government has set a roadmap to come out from the crisis.
Al Bashir disclosed that the approach of 2019 budget aims at setting a new system for importation and bringing back the confidence on the banking system, affirming the possibility of overcoming the crisis through supporting the production.
He referred to the economical partnerships with China, Turkey, Gulf, Russia and Belarus to support the national production infrastructure.
He called on the political forces to work with the government to support the social fabric without discrimination among its components, besides adopting dialogue as the appropriate method to overcome the disputes.
He reiterated the government commitment to implement the outcomes of the National Dialogue calling on all the opposition factions to join the National Dialogue document.
President Al Bashir said that the constitution making will be participated by all without exclusion, affirming conducting fair and free elections, calling on the political forces to prepare for competition.
He said that Sudan managed to create balanced relations within its regional and international arenas, pointing out to Sudan’s efforts in reaching peace in South Sudan besides its efforts to achieve peace in Central Africa Republic.
Al Bashir pointed out to Sudan’s efforts in fighting human trafficking and drugs a matter that found appreciation from the international community.
He lauded the role of the regular forces, affirming that Sudan will remain a stable country, expressing hope for unification of the ranks.