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Tuesday, 08 January 2019 11:15

Interior Ministry: Filed Suits Totaled 322 of Which 19 Death, 127 Injuries and Damage to 118 Facilities

Mohamed Babikir - Omdurman-The National Assembly has agreed yesterday in its session which was chaired by Professor Ibrahim Ahmed Omer the response by the Minister of Interior to the query raised by Assembly independent MP representing the constituency of Id Al Fursan in South Darfur Mohamed Al-Tahir Isseil on dealing with demonstrators and shooting them with live ammunition whereby the Ministry didn’t present a clarifying statement on demonstrations.
Minister of Interior Dr. Ahmed Bilal Osman has touched on the complication the world is seeing outlining that the crisis is caused by the exit of petroleum percentage that provides returns for flour and fuel purchase and liquidity .
He highlighted the start of the demonstrations and the damage of some properties by the demonstrators and the turn of events to seeking the downfall of the government , stealing and setting properties on fire starting in the River Nile then it spread in a number of states that included Port-Sudan, Gezira, White Nile, Blue Nile, North Kurdufan, and Gedarif a matter that caused an additional burden on the police forces.
He said the forces treated them seriously to preserve the private and public facilities elaborating on the provisions on peaceful transfer of power in conformity with the constitution and he outcomes of the national dialogue and expressing opinion without prejudicing public order stressing that the state is seeking to provide the requirements of the people,