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Thursday, 10 January 2019 08:46

Taha: There is Hostile Campaign to Distort Image of President to Remove the Government

Al-Sammani Awadallah - Khartoum- The leading member of the National Congress Party (NCP), Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, has described President Omer Al Bashir as the guarantor of the stability of the Sudan, pointing out that there is a hostile campaign to distort the image of Al Bashir to remove the government.
Taha, speaking over a programme of Sudania 24 TV channel Tuesday, said calling on the Army to create change is an act by illusion persons who do not believe in democracy, affirming that they would not allow the country to slide into the scenarios of chaos.
He affirmed that the Salvation rule is not a weak one but it has its men and women who defend and protect it and ready to sacrifice their sole if need arises, saying that the salvation rule has confidence in the Sudanese people and recognizes its achievements and shortcomings.
Taha expressed apology to the Sudanese people for the difficulties they experienced due to shortage in the financial liquidity, saying that the crisis is about to come to an end, calling on the rich people to contribute to the process of social solidarity.
He stressed the importance of dialogue between the generations for sustainability of the stability and developing of the political address for realizing the interests of the country, affirming that the year 2020 would witness holding of free and fair elections, calling on the political parties to be ready for the elections early.
He said that the country is fine but it faces challenges and needs to be supported and build on what has been achieved and develop the existing potentials.