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Tuesday, 05 February 2019 09:42

Youth leaders welcome the initiative of the NISS for dialogue

SMC- Youth leaders announced the welcome of the initiative launched by the National Intelligence and Security service (NISS) Salah Abdullah, to lead a dialogue with youth in various directions and views, stressing that the invitation will be accepted, satisfaction and interaction of the youth sector in all its components and colors of political and community.Speaking to (SMC) Leader of the Community Youth Association Mohammed Abdullah said that the initiative of the (NISS) is capable of addressing youth issues, noting that the initiative needs effective mobility by offering it to all youth without exception.In this context, the Youth Secretary of the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) led by Debgo, ALtayeb Khamis, said that the initiative is considered a step in the right direction to solve youth issues, revealing that the attempts by outsiders to attract youth and introduce negative ideas on Sudanese society.The Youth Secretary of the National Conference, Abdul Halim, welcomed the initiative, indicating that they are fully prepared for a dialogue that reflects the hopes placed on the youth group, calling for investing the energies and abilities of youth and preparing them with knowledge and full care.