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Wednesday, 06 February 2019 07:37

UN Calls to Implement CAR Peace Agreement

SMC- “Let’s move to support the implementation of the peace agreement,” said Jean-Pierre Lacroix, UN Under-Secretary-General for Peace Operations, on Twitter following the conclusion of the Central African Republic (CAR) peace process in Khartoum.The African Union’s Commissioner for Peace and Security, Ismail Chergui has urged all CAR citizens to support this agreement, which will enable them to embark on the path of reconciliation and development.Chergui noted that it is the first time that the leaders of 14 armed groups meet at the negotiating table with the Bangui government to reach a peace that will achieve security and stability in the country.In the same context, the Sudanese mediator to the negotiations, Ambassador Atta Mannan Bakhit said that the negotiating parties believe on the African Union initiative and the Sudanese mediation, which contributed to the success of the negotiation process.He added, Bangui government and the armed factions affirmed that Sudan has become a reference to peace and stability on the African continent .Speaking to SMC, Ambassador Bakhit said that the negotiating parties desire to achieve peace have contributed significantly to the success of the negotiations in a short time. For their part, a number of CAR’ leaders of the government and the armed factions have expressed their readiness to sign the initials and work for establishing security and peace in their country.On the other hand, the spokesperson for the armed movements in Central Africa, Suleiman Daouda described the negotiations in Khartoum as better than ever before, as provided an opportunity for the government and its opponents to meet for the first time.He further described the peace deal as a good agreement pointing that it satisfies the demands of government and the armed groups alike.The armed groups wanted to represented in the government but also the security arrangements provides to integrate the rebel fighters in the national army. The peace pact includes a national reconciliation process.