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Wednesday, 27 February 2019 12:39

Sudan Briefed the Arab-European Summit on its Initiatives to Achieve Stability in S.Sudan and CAR

SMC- Sudan emphasizes the importance of cooperation between the Arab and European countries to address the issues of mutual concern in the fields of migration and combating terrorism.In his speech in the Arab-European Summit, which held Sunday in Sharm Al-Sheikh city Sudan foreign minister, Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed briefed the summit on Sudan role in achieving stability south Sudan and Central African Republic (CAR).The summit in Sharm el-Sheikh is the first meeting between the European Union and the League of Arab States at the level of heads of state or government.The summit discussed the opportunity for the leaders to emphasize the need for greater strategic cooperation between the EU and the Arab world, promoting a relationship of the kind that the EU has developed with other regional groupings.On the sidelines of the summit, Al-Dirdiri met with with his French counterpart and discussed bilateral relations, common concerns and interests in the region.
Global challenges
At the summit, leaders had the opportunity to reconfirm their commitment to multilateralism and to an international system based on international law, as well as discussed a number of pressing global issues. In particular, leaders were reiterate their strong support for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and to global efforts to tackle climate change, notably through the implementation of the Paris Agreement. They are also discussed human rights and the promotion of cultural and religious tolerance.Migration is a challenge for both the EU and Arab League. Several Arab League members  rank high among countries of origin, transit or departure of migrants and refugees to Europe (approximately 1/3 of total arrivals in Europe 2018 came from Arab League countries) and some of them are also hosting large communities of migrants and refugees. Leaders are expected to underline the need to protect and support refugees in accordance with international law and to strengthen the fight against illegal migration and migrants’ smuggling.Leaders also discussed concerns related to the fight against terrorism. They are expected to agree on the need to further increase cooperation and coordination aimed at addressing root causes of terrorism, to combat the movement of foreign terrorist fighters and in cutting-off support to terrorist networks.
Regional challenges
Recent developments have highlighted the direct impact that open conflicts, protracted and humanitarian crises have on stability and security in both regions. There is an added value of increased EU involvement in stabilizing regions. The summit provided an opportunity for leaders, in a more restricted format, to discuss developments in the region, such as the situations in Syria, Libya and Yemen, as well as the Middle East Peace Process.