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Thursday, 28 February 2019 08:37

Foreign Ministry appreciated the IC Support for recent developments in the country

SMC- Sudan Ministry of Foreign Affairs has appreciated the brothers countries and international Community (IC) for supporting and understanding the recent developments in the country.
According to (SMC), the Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Babiker Al-Siddiq Mohammed Al-Ameen said that the Sudanese diplomacy played a prominent role in all the changes taking place in the country.
He pointing out that it is in continuous contact with the international community to explain the steps and treatment adopted by the government in the face of the economic crisis, which resulted in protests, saying: Diplomacy will be helpful in this important stage in the political development.
In his speech to the nation on Friday, the Sudanese president has directed the official to promoted positive constructive engagement with the international community, regional and continental to be a partner contributing positively to the process of national transformation.