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Wednesday, 03 April 2019 11:05

Al Bashir Calls on All Political Forces to Join the Dialogue, Affirms Commitment to Fight Corruption

President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir called on all political and social forces to join the dialogue in accordance with measures and procedures agreed upon with all actors in the political and social arena in the country, to form and establish an inclusive national incubation.
Addressing the opening of the ninth session of the National Legislature, Al Bashir said, “Our country is witnessing a new phase in its political path, in which we committed ourselves and our people to be at the same distance from all the peoples of the homeland, with all their political views and to work according to a national vision of reform that bases on justice and transparency, and characterized with flexible and generous in order to support the stability of the country, taking from the national dialogue document a basic reference to the political work in the next stage, that document agreed upon by a wide spectrum of political and community forces in the country and we have gone a long way in the implementing of its outcomes”.
Al Bashir said that the changes witnessed by the country in the political tracks and the structural structures of the state constitute a good basis for building and a wide umbrella that enable all of us to sit for the homeland, especially the youth group, who have proved that they are the renewed and promising social and political variable in this nation, calling on all political forces to accommodate their modern energies, visions and opinions and to develop mechanisms that will enable them to contribute effectively in the national construction process.
President of the Republic directed the national government and the governors to provide funding for youth projects related to agricultural and livestock production, small industries, software and others, through banks and microfinance institutions with new visions that enable the projects to become reality and build residential cities to provide suitable housing for young people and rehabilitate the youth institutions and clubs concerned with cultural, sports and social activities, beside care for the Initiatives of youth creativity in the fields of sports, culture and science and to benefit from the high national spirit of the youth, by involving them in national issues.
The President of the Republic directed the new government to take strict measures to complete the state structure and reform the civil service in order to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in the organs of the state, impose its prestige and prestige of law and promote human rights and safeguarding freedoms, renewing the state’s serious commitment to fight corruption by effective and fair legal measures and rule of law, calling on people and the Parliament and supervisory bodies to carry out the duty of control.
“The principles and values ??that we have adopted as a basis for our life and a guide to our paths in the state and society will never retreat, and we will remain faithful and guardians to them, to protect our country from fragmentation, tearing and loss,” Al Bashir said.
Al-Bashir reiterated his confidence in the National Legislature in carrying out its duties, especially as this session comes in the light of a national desire for reform. He pointed out that the Council of Ministers is required to prove that our country is rich in competencies capable of crossing the economic challenges.
Al Bashir said that Sudan has continued to lead a balanced foreign policy based on international charters and diplomatic norms and committed to partnerships in support of common interests and promoting the pillars of international peace and security without engaging in any alliance or concession of national interests, saying that the successes achieved by Sudan’s diplomacy in the field of cooperation with friendly countries, is a natural reflection and embodiment of the principles of the external work of the country, based on mutual respect and positive engagement with the international community and share benefits with all countries that have a sincere desire to cooperate with Sudan, referring to Sudan’s efforts in promoting regional peace in South Sudan and Central Africa Republic (CAR), in addition to Sudan’s initiative on building the economic system of the Horn of Africa. He pointed out that Sudan’s efforts in the continent have been praised and appreciated by the international community, the United Nations and the international powers, indicating that Sudan’s efforts in the continent, and its serious efforts with the international community on combating terrorism, human trafficking and all cross-border crimes have found appreciation from the international community, UN, and all active international forces.