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Thursday, 12 May 2016 10:43

Amira: Sanctions Negatively Impact Vocational Training in Sudan

Khartoum- Society  Studies Centre (MADA), has organized a workshop in collaboration with the Al AWLA Center for Financial and Accounting Studies, focusing on the impact of the unilaterally imposed sanctions on the citizens in the Sudan
Head of the Centre, Amira Al-Fadil, said that her centre was able to obtain statistics and data, on the instruction of the Council of Ministers that showed the huge negative impact of the sanctions on the various vocational councils
She said the reports also show that a number of contracts and licenses could not be put into action since august 2014 because of the lack of contact between these centers and the United States of America
The Director of the Centre for Statistics and accounting, Adela Mohamed Tayeb has stated that the licenses have become a hurdle in academic performance as there could be no exchange, academic and vocational, because of the sanctions and their negative impact on these centers for training
She pointed out that the sanctions have also denied the Sudanese cadres the opportunity to sit for vocational training on American and European fellowships and also from any other training funded by the United States of America.

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