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Sunday, 31 July 2016 10:51

Discussion Session on the Impacts of Social Media

A discussion session was held by the Society Studies Center (SSC) on the 25th of this month on the: Impact of Social Media on Youth (WhatsApp as Case Study).

In his presentation before the session, the Chairperson of the Center’s Scientific Committee Prof. Hasan M. Salih stressed that the session falls within the context of the Center’s concern over youth issues and represents an attempt to find solutions to their problems considering that such media means are used mostly by the youth sector. Proper utilization of social media is therefore needed to evade any negative impacts on the society. 

In her comment, Dr. Huwaida Izzuldin explained that social media has brought about substantial cultural and cognitive change by directing youth behavior towards the virtual reality world and subsequently influenced family and social ties. 

The session concluded with a number of recommendations, prominently: Achieve proper utilization of social media among the youth in order to maintain the governing religious and cultural values of the society.  

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