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Tuesday, 30 August 2016 08:33

Society Studies Center Ends Conflicts between Rizeigat and Agarba

Khartoum - A reconciliation agreement was concluded between Rizeigat and Agarba and was witnessed by Assistant to the President Eng. Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid, Minister of Cenetral Governance Chamber Faisal Hassan Ibrahim, State Ministers at the Federal Governance Chamber along with Members of the National Assembly, chairperson of committee of agriculture and animal resources at the national Assembly along with West Kordofan Governor.
A number of observers have dsicribed this step as a step towards success and realization of peace in East Darfur State as it was conducted without a mediator or influence from any agency for ending the dispute that broke out between them and extended for three years.  In an amicable session in which the two parties talked and their endeavors culminated with success and coming up with an agreement satisfactory for the two parties for realizing peace and peaceful coexistence.
The session was honored by the company of Amira Al-Fadil the Manager of Society Studies Center which has the credit of proximity of view points   through the efforts of the center and the address of native leader of Rizeigat Mahmoud Musa Madibu who extended thanks to all the participants and the contributors in making the conference successful.